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No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here-Children's Book by Dawn Secord

Children's Book signed by Dawn Secord

Bling has a big responsibility resting upon her fluffy, dog shoulders—keeping the house safe from Ghoulish Green Monsters while the kids are away. With illustrations that drop you straight into Bling’s home touring room to room, readers are taken on an adventure, asked to be brave, and problem solve how to catch the monster before everyone returns home.  Full of animals and noises, young children are sure to love “No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here” by Dawn Secord.

Bling and her sidekick, Sushi the goldfish, are home alone protecting the house while the family goes to Grandma’s. Soon after they leave, there’s a bunch of scary noises—Kaboom, Tap, Tap, Tap. Bling knows she has to be brave and catch the Ghoulish Green Monster, but after searching all the rooms, she isn’t seeing, or hearing, where the monster could be hiding. She finds treats on the floor, and with the fishnet in paw to catch it, Bling is determined to get this monster before the kids get home.